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Best and dearest flower that grows, / Perfect both to see and smell; / Words can never, never tell / Half the beauty of a Rose - . -Cicely Mary Barker
Life is too precious to waste it with the wrong person. You're better off alone until the right one comes along. -Tony Gaskins
You can tell a lot about a society by what it fears. -Vejas Gabriel Liulevicius
He was the most astonishing contradiction of components I'd ever encountered. Shy yet fiercely communicative when putting an idea into your head. Vocally astringent regarding his own abilities but not to the point that he couldn't produce-he was as prolific an artist (yes, an artist, and I never use the term, especially regarding people I like) I've ever seen. But I could feel it. Everything he sketched, penciled, inked, made-was a payment, one he could scarcely afford; as if it physically hurt him to put pencil to paper. Yet that only seemed to spur him on, to live far beyond his means. He was unable not to. For Sketch, to draw was to breath, and so the air became lead-silvery in the right light, dark soot in the wrong; heavy, slick and malleable-into shapes he brought together in glorious orchestration, with a child's eye and a rocket scientist's precision, all fortified by a furious melancholy, a quiet engine of sourceless shame and humility. When it came to another's work, he longed to praise it but then couldn't resist critiquing it all within an inch of its life, analyzing deficiencies with uncontrollable abandon and laser accuracy. He was sharp as his Radio 914 pen nibs, and as pointed. And then he'd apologize. Oh, he would apologize: Oh my GOD, forgive me, please don't hate me, I'm SORRY, don't listen to me, why am I saying things, what do I know, I don't know anything, why do you listen to me you should just tell me to shut UP, I'm awful, forgive me, you hate me, don't you? Tell the truth. Please don't hate me. Please don't. Please.

Chip Kidd
Percy was getting tired of water. If he said that aloud, he would probably get kicked out of Poseidon's Junior Sea Scouts, but he didn't care. -Rick Riordan
Not that it mattered though. The truth seldom ever did in the face of a juicy lie. -Bianca Scardoni
My Spanish is limited to burrito and taco, -Janet Evanovich
That's what friends are for, ' Sheba said. 'I don't know what they're for, ' I told her. 'So that we don't get out of our depth, ' Mouse said. -Ronald Frame
We are getting a lot of attention and love, which is very encouraging to us. -Ahn Hyun Soo
He was a poet; and they are never exactly grown-up. -J.M. Barrie
I love petting trees. Especially if they are fir trees. Single lovers should be good with their hands. I admire Bigfoot. -Jarod Kintz
Human has no experience at all about living in a peaceful world without war. -Toba Beta
A writer uses his pen as a gun to kill readers. -Debasish Mridha