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There are no new inventions, only new discoveries. -Stephen Richards
Like light and shadow, love and hate were inseparable. One could not exist without the other. -David Gemmell
With the possible exception of having more pleasing lines to the eye while in flight, the monoplane possesses no material advantage over the biplane. -Glenn Curtiss
Nothing is meaningless it's how we assign meaning to the past that determines how we experience the present, and future. -Bill Crawford
Sleeping like an internet person takes commitment, it all starts in the late afternoon. -Troye Sivan
I think filmmaking should be a wonderfully free collaborative process, and it so very rarely is. I often see directors as jailers of my talent. -Gary Oldman
An ethic is not an ethic, and a value not a value without somesacrifice for it. Something given up, something not gained. -St. Jerome