Mortimer J. Adler Quotes

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76. David Hume - Treatise on Human Nature; Essays Moral and Political; An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding 77. Jean-Jacques Rousseau - On the Origin of Inequality; On the Political Economy; Emile - or, On Education, The Social Contract 78. Laurence Sterne - Tristram Shandy; A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy 79. Adam Smith - The Theory of Moral Sentiments; The Wealth of Nations 80. Immanuel Kant - Critique of Pure Reason; Fundamental Principles of the Metaphysics of Morals; Critique of Practical Reason; The Science of Right; Critique of Judgment; Perpetual Peace 81. Edward Gibbon - The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire; Autobiography 82. James Boswell - Journal; Life of Samuel Johnson, Ll.D. 83. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier - Traite e‰lementaire de Chimie (Elements of Chemistry) 84. Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, and James Madison - Federalist Papers 85. Jeremy Bentham - Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation; Theory of Fictions 86. Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Faust; Poetry and Truth 87. Jean Baptiste Joseph Fourier - Analytical Theory of Heat 88. Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel - Phenomenology of Spirit; Philosophy of Right; Lectures on the Philosophy of History 89. William Wordsworth - Poems 90. Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Poems; Biographia Literaria 91. Jane Austen - Pride and Prejudice; Emma 92. Carl von Clausewitz - On War 93. Stendhal - The Red and the Black; The Charterhouse of Parma; On Love 94. Lord Byron - Don Juan 95. Arthur Schopenhauer - Studies in Pessimism 96. Michael Faraday - Chemical History of a Candle; Experimental Researches in Electricity 97. Charles Lyell - Principles of Geology 98. Auguste Comte - The Positive Philosophy 99. Honore de Balzac - Pe¨re Goriot; Eugenie Grandet 100. Ralph Waldo Emerson - Representative Men; Essays; Journal 101. Nathaniel Hawthorne - The Scarlet Letter 102. Alexis de Tocqueville - Democracy in America 103. John Stuart Mill - A System of Logic; On Liberty; Representative Government; Utilitarianism; The Subjection of Women; Autobiography 104. Charles Darwin - The Origin of Species; The Descent of Man; Autobiography 105. Charles Dickens - Pickwick Papers; David Copperfield; Hard Times 106. Claude Bernard - Introduction to the Study of Experimental Medicine 107. Henry David Thoreau - Civil Disobedience; Walden 108. Karl Marx - Capital; Communist Manifesto 109. George Eliot - Adam Bede; Middlemarch 110. Herman Melville - Moby-Dick; Billy Budd 111. Fyodor Dostoevsky - Crime and Punishment; The Idiot; The Brothers Karamazov 112. Gustave Flaubert - Madame Bovary; Three Stories 113. Henrik Ibsen - Plays 114. Leo Tolstoy - War and Peace; Anna Karenina; What is Art?; Twenty-Three Tales 115. Mark Twain - The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn; The Mysterious Stranger 116. William James - The Principles of Psychology; The Varieties of Religious Experience; Pragmatism; Essays in Radical Empiricism 117. Henry James - The American; The Ambassadors 118. Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche - Thus Spoke Zarathustra; Beyond Good and Evil; The Genealogy of Morals;The Will to Power 119. Jules Henri Poincare - Science and Hypothesis; Science and Method 120. Sigmund Freud - The Interpretation of Dreams; Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis; Civilization and Its Discontents; New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis 121. George Bernard Shaw - Plays and Prefaces

-Mortimer J. Adler
76 david quoteshume quotestreatise quoteshuman quotesnature quotesessays quotesmoral quotespolitical quotesenquiry quotesunderstanding quotes77 jeanjacques quotesrousseau quotesorigin quotesinequality quotespolitical quoteseconomy quotesemile quoteseducation quotessocial quotescontract quotes78 laurence quotessterne quotestristram quotesshandy quotessentimental quotesjourney quotesfrance quotesitaly quotes79 adam quotessmith quotestheory quotessentiments quoteswealth quotesnations quotes80 immanuel quoteskant quotescritique quotespure quotesreason quotesfundamental quotesprinciples quotesmetaphysics quotesmorals quotespractical quotesscience quotesjudgment quotesperpetual quotespeace quotes81 edward quotesgibbon quotesdecline quotesfall quotesroman quotesempire quotesautobiography quotes82 james quotesboswell quotesjournal quoteslife quotessamuel quotesjohnson quoteslld quotes83 antoine quoteslaurent quoteslavoisier quotestraite quotese‰lementaire quotesde quoteschimie quoteselements quoteschemistry quotes84 alexander quoteshamilton quotesjohn quotesjay quotesjames quotesmadison quotesfederalist quotespapers quotes85 jeremy quotesbentham quotesintroduction quotesmorals quoteslegislation quotesfictions quotes86 quotesjohann quoteswolfgang quotesvon quotesgoethe quotesfaust quotespoetry quotestruth quotes87 jean quotesbaptiste quotesjoseph quotesfourier quotesanalytical quotesheat quotes88 georg quoteswilhelm quotesfriedrich quoteshegel quotesphenomenology quotesspirit quotesphilosophy quoteslectures quoteshistory quotes89 william quoteswordsworth quotespoems quotes90 samuel quotestaylor quotescoleridge quotespoems quotesbiographia quotesliteraria quotes91 jane quotesausten quotespride quotesprejudice quotesemma quotes92 carl quotesclausewitz quoteswar quotes93 stendhal quotesred quotesblack quotescharterhouse quotesparma quoteslove quotes94 lord quotesbyron quotesdon quotesjuan quotes95 arthur quotesschopenhauer quotesstudies quotespessimism quotes96 michael quotesfaraday quoteschemical quotescandle quotesexperimental quotesresearches quoteselectricity quotes97 charles quoteslyell quotesgeology quotes98 auguste quotescomte quotespositive quotes99 honore quotesbalzac quotespe¨re quotesgoriot quoteseugenie quotesgrandet quotes100 ralph quoteswaldo quotesemerson quotesrepresentative quotesmen quotesessays quotesjournal quotes101 nathaniel quoteshawthorne quotesscarlet quotesletter quotes102 alexis quotestocqueville quotesdemocracy quotesamerica quotes103 john quotesstuart quotesmill quotessystem quoteslogic quotesliberty quotesgovernment quotesutilitarianism quotessubjection quoteswomen quotes104 charles quotesdarwin quotesspecies quotesdescent quotesman quotes105 charles quotesdickens quotespickwick quotespapers quotesdavid quotescopperfield quoteshard quotestimes quotes106 claude quotesbernard quotesstudy quotesmedicine quotes107 henry quotesthoreau quotescivil quotesdisobedience quoteswalden quotes108 karl quotesmarx quotescapital quotescommunist quotesmanifesto quotes109 george quoteseliot quotesadam quotesbede quotesmiddlemarch quotes110 herman quotesmelville quotesmobydick quotesbilly quotesbudd quotes111 fyodor quotesdostoevsky quotescrime quotespunishment quotesidiot quotesbrothers quoteskaramazov quotes112 quotesgustave quotesflaubert quotesmadame quotesbovary quotesstories quotes113 henrik quotesibsen quotesplays quotes114 leo quotestolstoy quotespeace quotesanna quoteskarenina quotesart quotestwentythree quotestales quotes115 mark quotestwain quotesadventures quoteshuckleberry quotesfinn quotesmysterious quotesstranger quotes116 william quotespsychology quotesvarieties quotesreligious quotesexperience quotespragmatism quotesradical quotesempiricism quotes117 henry quotesamerican quotesambassadors quotes118 friedrich quotesnietzsche quotesspoke quoteszarathustra quotesgood quotesevil quotesgenealogy quotesmoralsthe quotespower quotes119 jules quoteshenri quotespoincare quoteshypothesis quotesmethod quotes120 sigmund quotesfreud quotesinterpretation quotesdreams quotesintroductory quotespsychoanalysis quotescivilization quotesdiscontents quotespsychoanalysis quotes121 quotesgeorge quotesshaw quotesprefaces quotes


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Reading is like skiing. When done well, when done by an expert, both reading and skiing are graceful, harmonious, activities. When done by a beginner, both are awkward, frustrating, and slow. Learning to ski is one of the most humiliating experiences an adult can undergo (that is one reason to start young). After all, an adult has been walking for a long time; he knows where his feet are; he knows how to put one foot in front of the other in order to get somewhere. But as soon as he puts skis on his feet, it is as though he had to learn to walk all over again. He slips and slides, falls down, has trouble getting up, gets his skis crossed, tumbles again, and generally looks- and feels- like a fool. Even the best instructor seems at first to be of no help. The ease with which the instructor performs actions that he says are simple but that the student secretly believes are impossible is almost insulting. How can you remember everything the instructors says you have to remember? Bend your knees. Look down the hill Keep your weight on the downhill ski. Keep your back straight, but nevertheless lean forward. The admonitions seem endless-how can you think about all that and still ski? The point about skiing, of course, is that you should not be thinking about the separate acts that, together, make a smooth turn or series of linked turns- instead, you should merely be looking ahead of you down the hill, anticipating bumps and other skiers, enjoying the feel of the cold wind on your cheeks, smiling with pleasure at the fluid grace of your body as you speed down the mountain. In other words, you must learn to forget the separate acts in order to perform all of them, and indeed any of them, well. But in order to forget them as separate acts, you have to learn them first as separate acts. only then can you put them together to become a good skier.

Mortimer J. Adler
Reading list (1972 edition)[edit] 1. Homer - Iliad, Odyssey 2. The Old Testament 3. Aeschylus - Tragedies 4. Sophocles - Tragedies 5. Herodotus - Histories 6. Euripides - Tragedies 7. Thucydides - History of the Peloponnesian War 8. Hippocrates - Medical Writings 9. Aristophanes - Comedies 10. Plato - Dialogues 11. Aristotle - Works 12. Epicurus - Letter to Herodotus; Letter to Menoecus 13. Euclid - Elements 14. Archimedes - Works 15. Apollonius of Perga - Conic Sections 16. Cicero - Works 17. Lucretius - On the Nature of Things 18. Virgil - Works 19. Horace - Works 20. Livy - History of Rome 21. Ovid - Works 22. Plutarch - Parallel Lives; Moralia 23. Tacitus - Histories; Annals; Agricola Germania 24. Nicomachus of Gerasa - Introduction to Arithmetic 25. Epictetus - Discourses; Encheiridion 26. Ptolemy - Almagest 27. Lucian - Works 28. Marcus Aurelius - Meditations 29. Galen - On the Natural Faculties 30. The New Testament 31. Plotinus - The Enneads 32. St. Augustine - On the Teacher; Confessions; City of God; On Christian Doctrine 33. The Song of Roland 34. The Nibelungenlied 35. The Saga of Burnt Nje¡l 36. St. Thomas Aquinas - Summa Theologica 37. Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy;The New Life; On Monarchy 38. Geoffrey Chaucer - Troilus and Criseyde; The Canterbury Tales 39. Leonardo da Vinci - Notebooks 40. Niccole² Machiavelli - The Prince; Discourses on the First Ten Books of Livy 41. Desiderius Erasmus - The Praise of Folly 42. Nicolaus Copernicus - On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres 43. Thomas More - Utopia 44. Martin Luther - Table Talk; Three Treatises 45. Frane§ois Rabelais - Gargantua and Pantagruel 46. John Calvin - Institutes of the Christian Religion 47. Michel de Montaigne - Essays 48. William Gilbert - On the Loadstone and Magnetic Bodies 49. Miguel de Cervantes - Don Quixote 50. Edmund Spenser - Prothalamion; The Faerie Queene 51. Francis Bacon - Essays; Advancement of Learning; Novum Organum, New Atlantis 52. William Shakespeare - Poetry and Plays 53. Galileo Galilei - Starry Messenger; Dialogues Concerning Two New Sciences 54. Johannes Kepler - Epitome of Copernican Astronomy; Concerning the Harmonies of the World 55. William Harvey - On the Motion of the Heart and Blood in Animals; On the Circulation of the Blood; On the Generation of Animals 56. Thomas Hobbes - Leviathan 57. Rene Descartes - Rules for the Direction of the Mind; Discourse on the Method; Geometry; Meditations on First Philosophy 58. John Milton - Works 59. Molie¨re - Comedies 60. Blaise Pascal - The Provincial Letters; Pensees; Scientific Treatises 61. Christiaan Huygens - Treatise on Light 62. Benedict de Spinoza - Ethics 63. John Locke - Letter Concerning Toleration; Of Civil Government; Essay Concerning Human Understanding;Thoughts Concerning Education 64. Jean Baptiste Racine - Tragedies 65. Isaac Newton - Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy; Optics 66. Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz - Discourse on Metaphysics; New Essays Concerning Human Understanding;Monadology 67. Daniel Defoe - Robinson Crusoe 68. Jonathan Swift - A Tale of a Tub; Journal to Stella; Gulliver's Travels; A Modest Proposal 69. William Congreve - The Way of the World 70. George Berkeley - Principles of Human Knowledge 71. Alexander Pope - Essay on Criticism; Rape of the Lock; Essay on Man 72. Charles de Secondat, baron de Montesquieu - Persian Letters; Spirit of Laws 73. Voltaire - Letters on the English; Candide; Philosophical Dictionary 74. Henry Fielding - Joseph Andrews; Tom Jones 75. Samuel Johnson - The Vanity of Human Wishes; Dictionary; Rasselas; The Lives of the Poets

Mortimer J. Adler
reading quoteslist quotes1972 quoteseditionedit quotes1 homer quotesiliad quotesodyssey quotes2 the quotestestament quotes3 aeschylus quotestragedies quotes4 sophocles quotes5 herodotus quoteshistories quotes6 euripides quotes7 quotesthucydides quoteshistory quotespeloponnesian quoteswar quotes8 hippocrates quotesmedical quoteswritings quotes9 aristophanes quotescomedies quotes10 plato quotesdialogues quotes11 aristotle quotesworks quotes12 epicurus quotesletter quotesherodotus quotesmenoecus quotes13 euclid quoteselements quotes14 archimedes quotes15 apollonius quotesperga quotesconic quotessections quotes16 cicero quotes17 lucretius quotesnature quotesthings quotes18 virgil quotes19 horace quotes20 livy quotesrome quotes21 ovid quotes22 plutarch quotesparallel quoteslives quotesmoralia quotes23 tacitus quoteshistories quotesannals quotesagricola quotesgermania quotes24 nicomachus quotesgerasa quotesintroduction quotesarithmetic quotes25 epictetus quotesdiscourses quotesencheiridion quotes26 ptolemy quotesalmagest quotes27 lucian quotes28 marcus quotesaurelius quotesmeditations quotes29 galen quotesnatural quotesfaculties quotes30 the quotes31 plotinus quotesenneads quotes32 st quotesaugustine quotesteacher quotesconfessions quotescity quotesgod quoteschristian quotesdoctrine quotes33 the quotessong quotesroland quotes34 the quotesnibelungenlied quotes35 the quotessaga quotesburnt quotesnjel quotes36 st quotesthomas quotesaquinas quotessumma quotestheologica quotes37 dante quotesalighieri quotesdivine quotescomedythe quoteslife quotesmonarchy quotes38 geoffrey quoteschaucer quotestroilus quotescriseyde quotescanterbury quotestales quotes39 leonardo quotesda quotesvinci quotesnotebooks quotes40 niccole² quotesmachiavelli quotesprince quotesdiscourses quotesten quotesbooks quoteslivy quotes41 desiderius quoteserasmus quotespraise quotesfolly quotes42 nicolaus quotescopernicus quotesrevolutions quotesheavenly quotesspheres quotes43 thomas quotesutopia quotes44 martin quotesluther quotestable quotestalk quotestreatises quotes45 franeois quotesrabelais quotesgargantua quotespantagruel quotes46 john quotescalvin quotesinstitutes quotesreligion quotes47 michel quotesde quotesmontaigne quotesessays quotes48 william quotesgilbert quotesloadstone quotesmagnetic quotesbodies quotes49 miguel quotescervantes quotesdon quotesquixote quotes50 edmund quotesspenser quotesprothalamion quotesfaerie quotesqueene quotes51 francis quotesbacon quotesessays quotesadvancement quoteslearning quotesnovum quotesorganum quotesatlantis quotes52 quoteswilliam quotesshakespeare quotespoetry quotesplays quotes53 galileo quotesgalilei quotesstarry quotesmessenger quotessciences quotes54 johannes quoteskepler quotesepitome quotescopernican quotesastronomy quotesharmonies quotesworld quotes55 william quotesharvey quotesmotion quotesheart quotesblood quotesanimals quotescirculation quotesblood quotesgeneration quotesanimals quotes56 thomas quoteshobbes quotesleviathan quotes57 rene quotesdescartes quotesrules quotesdirection quotesmind quotesdiscourse quotesmethod quotesgeometry quotesphilosophy quotes58 john quotesmilton quotes59 molie¨re quotes60 blaise quotespascal quotesprovincial quotesletters quotespensees quotesscientific quotes61 christiaan quoteshuygens quotestreatise quoteslight quotes62 benedict quotesspinoza quotesethics quotes63 john quoteslocke quotestoleration quotescivil quotesgovernment quotesessay quoteshuman quotesunderstandingthoughts quoteseducation quotes64 jean quotesbaptiste quotesracine quotes65 isaac quotesnewton quotesmathematical quotesprinciples quotesphilosophy quotesoptics quotes66 gottfried quoteswilhelm quotesleibniz quotesmetaphysics quotesunderstandingmonadology quotes67 daniel quotesdefoe quotesrobinson quotescrusoe quotes68 jonathan quotesswift quotestale quotestub quotesjournal quotesstella quotesgullivers quotestravels quotesmodest quotesproposal quotes69 quotescongreve quotes70 george quotesberkeley quotesknowledge quotes71 alexander quotespope quotescriticism quotesrape quoteslock quotesman quotes72 charles quotessecondat quotesbaron quotesmontesquieu quotespersian quotesspirit quoteslaws quotes73 voltaire quotesletters quotesenglish quotescandide quotesphilosophical quotesdictionary quotes74 henry quotesfielding quotesjoseph quotesandrews quotestom quotesjones quotes75 samuel quotesjohnson quotesvanity quoteswishes quotesdictionary quotesrasselas quoteslives quotespoets quotes
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