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Dash shoved his hands on his hips and looked down into the bowl. 'You gave my fish pink rocks?' he said as he turned to face her. Joy shrugged. 'I didn't really look at the colour I just grabbed the nearest bag.' 'It had to be pink?' 'There's some blue as well.' He looked into the bowl again. 'Not really.' Joy couldn't believe she was having a conversation about pink rocks when the bigger question of what the hell he'd found out about the robberies was still unanswered. 'You think it's going to turn Ralph gay?' she asked sweetly. 'Given that he's living his life out solo it's kind of a moot question, don't you think?' 'You're right, I think he needs a girlfriend. Or a boyfriend.' 'With those rocks? I think he needs Fishtank Barbie in there.' 'Is your masculinity threatened because your fish has pink rocks?' Dash folded his arms. 'He's a bloke. He doesn't do pink.' Joy glanced at the bowl. 'It works, ' she said. 'It... blends.' 'He's orange, ' Dash said. 'Since when have pink and orange gone together?

-Amy Andrews


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