Jules Cassard Quotes

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Did somebody die?' 'Yes, ' I replied. 'Who?' he asked, starting to freak out. I pulled out my notepad and asked him if he knew a Marcie Tucker. 'Marcie? Hm, Marcie, it doesn't ring a bell but... Oh yeah, the temp who's filling in while my regular assistant is out, I think her name is Marcie. In fact, she was supposed to be here today. I was actually starting to worry that... Wait. Is she... ' 'Unfortunately yes, ' I said, 'Marcie was found in her apartment late last night uh... no longer alive.' My bedside manner has never been my strong suit. Dr. Taggart looked distressed and began to ramble incoherently for a minute. I let him work through it though, I figured it was his way of grieving. I wouldn't have even paid attention to it except for the fact that it was kind of goofily, ineptly... well, poignant: "Oh, uh, Oh my God. That's terrible. I uh... I hope she didn't have any family. I mean, I don't hope she didn't have any family, what I mean is, if she uh... if she didn't have any family then there would be nobody to get all bummed out about this and uh... you know, when something like this happens, you always think about the poor, heartbroken family, so uh... if she doesn't have any family then uh... the bright side would be that nobody would, you know, have to be all bummed out." Hm. I guess I never thought of it that way. Awkward wording aside, he's kind of got a point there.

-Jules Cassard


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