Yusuf 37 Quotes

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He said, "No food is served to you, but I have informed you about it before you have received it. That is some of what my Lord has taught me. I have forsaken the tradition of people who do not believe in Allah; and regarding the Hereafter, they are deniers."

-Yusuf 37


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Yusuf 37 Quotes. Jar of Quotes, 2019. https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=he-said-no-food-is-served-to-you-but-i-have-informed-you-about-it-before-you-have-received-it-that-is-some-what-my-lord-has-taught-me-i-have-forsaken-tradition-people-who-do-not-, accessed .

"Yusuf 37 Quotes." Jar of Quotes, 2019. . https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=he-said-no-food-is-served-to-you-but-i-have-informed-you-about-it-before-you-have-received-it-that-is-some-what-my-lord-has-taught-me-i-have-forsaken-tradition-people-who-do-not-

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