Rishita Chauhaan Quotes

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How to identify true love: 1. In all your fights, you always win. 2. Your likes and dislikes are more important than rights or wrongs. 3. He may not know the solution but he always wants to solve your problem. 4. He knows your taste best, still he is confused while placing an order for you. 5. You shouted, you said bad words, you asked him to get lost. He shouted, told bad words too, said "OK! I'm leaving." Very next hour the idiot is back. Don't let him go always.

-Rishita Chauhaan


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Rishita Chauhaan Quotes. Jar of Quotes, 2019. https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=how-to-identify-true-love-1-in-all-your-fights-you-always-win-2-your-likes-dislikes-are-more-important-than-rights-wrongs-3-he-may-not-know-solution-but-he-always-wants-to-solve-, accessed .

"Rishita Chauhaan Quotes." Jar of Quotes, 2019. . https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=how-to-identify-true-love-1-in-all-your-fights-you-always-win-2-your-likes-dislikes-are-more-important-than-rights-wrongs-3-he-may-not-know-solution-but-he-always-wants-to-solve-

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