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Love cannot be demanded. Love cannot be begged. Love cannot be bought. Love cannot be taught. Love cannot be snatched, Love cannot be grabbed. Love cannot be forced. Love cannot be manipulated. Love is a natural feeling that arises from one's heart and soul happens on its own. Each one of us seeks emotional fulfillment and this is the reason we all consciously or instinctively seek love. Finding love, falling in love, and being in love isn't something that you can just find anywhere. That magical thing we call love is something truly mesmerising and it is destined to happen at the right time. No one can predict when where how and with whom you will fall in love. It will happen in its own due course and you will head over in heels in love before you even know it. Love can be given freely. Love can be cherished. Love can be treasured. Love can be felt. Love can heal. Love can awaken your soul and leave it enlightened forever. Just wait patiently and let love happen to you

-Aarti Khurana


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