Yvonne S. Thornton Quotes

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This is why, if I may be forgiven a digression, I believe it is time for the black race to forget about rhetoric and instead show what we are capable of doing. The testing will surely go on for the next generation and the next, but each time we meet the test, we'll climb another rung of the ladder until finally we arrive at parity, having earned our place rather than pleading or demanding that it be given to us.

-Yvonne S. Thornton


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Yvonne S. Thornton Quotes. Jar of Quotes, 2019. https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=this-is-why-if-i-may-be-forgiven-digression-i-believe-it-is-time-for-black-race-to-forget-about-rhetoric-instead-show-what-we-are-capable-doing-the-testing-will-surely-go-on-for-, accessed .

"Yvonne S. Thornton Quotes." Jar of Quotes, 2019. . https://www.jarofquotes.com/view.php?id=this-is-why-if-i-may-be-forgiven-digression-i-believe-it-is-time-for-black-race-to-forget-about-rhetoric-instead-show-what-we-are-capable-doing-the-testing-will-surely-go-on-for-

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