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Wyatt should've looked ridiculous sitting on the floor, leaning into the crate making kissykiss noises at the cat, but he didn't. He looked ... mouthwatering. 'Hey, sweet thing, ' he said in a low cajoling voice. 'Come on out. I'll gonna love you up, I promise. You know you want some of that.' 'Oh, please, ' Emily said on a laugh to cover up the fact that her bones melted at the sound of him. 'That's never going to work-' But hell if the cat didn't shift ever so slightly closer to Wyatt and sniff at him. Wyatt flashed both Sweetie and Emily a smile. 'Aw, that's it, ' he crooned to the suspicious, wary cat. 'Come on, baby girl, all the way. I'll be good to you, I promise.' Emily laughed again, even as she felt her nipples tighten. She crossed her arms over her chest. 'Honestly, Wyatt, no selfrespecting female - cat or woman - is going to-

-Jill Shalvis


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