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You said the demon's signature is faint. I may be able to heal her if she's been injured.' 'Not in your present state, you said.' She scowled at him. 'I won't let you back into my uncle's home.' 'Then I can't protect you if the Baltimore demon comes for you.' She folded her arms. Hunter's jaw tightened. 'All right. I'll call you.' He snorted under his breath. 'You're a Kubiteron and I'm a Matusa. That means you're to obey me.' 'You mean, 'You, Matusa, me, Kubiteron?' No way, Tarzan. Go beat on your chest before some other lesser demon.' Jared quickly hid a smile. Hunter's face turned dark. She gave him a quirky smile, then vanished.

-Terry Spear


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