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Finding herself on the way to the village center again, she pulled over, intending to negotiate a three-point turn. The cottage was slightly out of the village, so she needed to get back onto the opposite side of the road and go back up the hill. Glancing over Hannah's instructions again, she swung the car to the right-straight into the path of a motorcyclist. What happened next seemed to happen in slow motion. The rider tried to stop but couldn't do so in time, although he did manage to avoid hitting her car. As he turned his handlebars hard to the right, his tires lost grip on the wet road and he flew off, sliding some way before coming to a halt. Layla sat motionless in her car, paralyzed temporarily by the shock. At last she managed to galvanize herself into action and fumbled for the door handle, her shaking hands making it hard to get a grip. When the door finally opened, another dilemma hit. What if she couldn't stand? Her legs felt like jelly, surely they wouldn't support her. Forcing herself upward, she was relieved to discover they held firm. Once she was sure they would continue to do so, she bolted over to where the biker lay, placed one hand on his soaking leather-clad shoulder and said, 'Are you okay?' 'No, I'm not bloody okay!' he replied, a pair of bright blue eyes meeting hers as he lifted his visor. 'I'm a bit bruised and battered as it goes.' Despite his belligerent words, relief flooded through her: he wasn't dead! 'Oh, I'm so glad, ' she said, letting out a huge sigh. 'Glad?' he said, sitting up now and brushing the mud and leaves off his left arm. 'Charming.' 'Oh, no, no, ' she stuttered, realizing what she'd just said. 'I'm not glad that I knocked you over. I'm glad you're alive.' 'Only just, I think, ' he replied, needing a helping hand to stand up. 'Can I give you a lift somewhere, take you to the nearest hospital?' 'The nearest hospital? That would be in Bodmin, I think, about fifteen miles from here. I don't fancy driving fifteen miles with you behind the wheel.' Feeling a little indignant now, Layla replied, 'I'm actually a very good driver, thank you. You're the first accident I've ever had.' 'Lucky me, ' he replied sarcastically.

Shani Struthers
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