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Most people, if not all, are merely masked amoralists. Their mental state is governed by dark energy - they tend to steal, destroy, rape rather than to give a present, construct, love. Most people around us do not steal or rape not because they do not dream of it. They do not do it because they simply cannot do it for the fear of being punished by somebody or sometimes by God. You need illustration. See what a newborn child does. He pushes everything whatever you give him, or takes and then bites it, tries to destruct or simply throws away. Why? Because he does what he wants to do, he is as himself. About rape! Read the history of wars. What you see is that any war is a new chapter in the war rape. What is the reason? Where is the high moralities? Women do not belong to armed forces, they do not fight against you. But why do you rape them while you do not seem to be a rapist in the normal circumstances? Because there is no punishment for the rape in the war, unlike in the normal circumstances, you do what you want to do, there is no mask on your face. The truth is that if a female body attracts your attention, you will automatically want to take it in any way. High moralities is only mask. Robbery, corruption!!! You think that you cannot do that, really, because you are afraid to do it. Only fear prevents you from doing it. You don't believe me, do you?! Close your eyes and dream that whatever you did, there would not be any punishment. I am sure you will not want to open your eyes and come back to reality.

Elmar Hussein
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