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What would you like for your own life, Kate, if you could choose?' 'Anything?' 'Of course anything.' 'That's really easy, Aunty Ivy.' 'Go on then.' 'A straw hat... with a bright scarlet ribbon tied around the top and a bow at the back. A tea-dress like girls used to wear, with big red poppies all over the fabric. A pair of flat, white pumps, comfortable but really pretty. A bicycle with a basket on the front. In the basket is a loaf of fresh bread, cheese, fruit oh... and a bottle of sparkly wine, you know, like posh people drink. 'I'm cycling down a lane. There are no lorries or cars or bicycles. No people - just me. The sun is shining through the trees, making patterns on the ground. At the end of the lane is a gate, sort of hidden between the bushes and trees. I stop at the gate, get off the bike and wheel it into the garden. 'In the garden there are flowers of all kinds, especially roses. They're my favourite. I walk down the little path to a cottage. It's not big, just big enough. The front door needs painting and has a little stained glass window at the top. I take the food out of the basket and go through the door. 'Inside, everything is clean, pretty and bright. There are vases of flowers on every surface and it smells sweet, like lemon cake. At the end of the room are French windows. They need painting too, but it doesn't matter. I go through the French windows into a beautiful garden. Even more flowers there... and a veranda. On the veranda is an old rocking chair with patchwork cushions and next to it a little table that has an oriental tablecloth with gold tassels. I put the food on the table and pour the wine into a glass. I'd sit in the rocking chair and close my eyes and think to myself... this is my place.' From A DISH OF STONES

Valentina Hepburn
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