Xenophobia Quotes

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Think about it This xenophobia has hurt me without anyone touching me, but by what I am seeing and the damages it's causing to this country, business, celebrities and citizens. For I believe there is a conspiracy behind this xenophobia attack. This thing might be political also. I think there are people who being paid for this attacks. To cause this violence. When people are being transported by train and buses to cause xenophobia to other provinces and cities. Who is funding those people. I am sure those people are following mandate or protocols from someone. What kind of people or humans are this. Who would watch a person burn to Ashes screaming his/her life out. They burn and killed people whom they don't know and who have done nothing direct to them but who have helped them. They kill and injure innocent people. They commit murder and enjoy killing. Then they wrap it around xenophobia. That's not xenophobia that's murder. They do breakings , rape and steal wrap it around xenophobia. That's not xenophobia that's crime. This hatefull people they are taking the country down. They are costing the country locally and internationally. Let's stop promoting this xenophobia attacks. But let's stand against them. It might be nice now you laughing. But wait until mistakenly you get shot or die because this. Now I am afraid to walk in the street of this country. Something as small as this.if we entertain it. If we support it can cause war on our nation. Say no to Xenophobia. When your promoting and supporting xenophobia. Your promoting crime , murder and theft. Tomorrow don't complain when this happen to you. When someone steal and kill you. People let's stand against this evil spirit, psychopaths, unacceptable violent behaviour. And these hateful individuals who are being paid to destroy this country. United we stand , divided we fall.

De philosopher Dj kyos
I saw exactly one picture of Marx and one of Lenin in my whole stay, but it's been a long time since ideology had anything to do with it. Not without cunning, Fat Man and Little Boy gradually mutated the whole state belief system into a debased form of Confucianism, in which traditional ancestor worship and respect for order become blended with extreme nationalism and xenophobia. Near the southernmost city of Kaesong, captured by the North in 1951, I was taken to see the beautifully preserved tombs of King and Queen Kongmin. Their significance in F.M.-L.B. cosmology is that they reigned over a then unified Korea in the 14th century, and that they were Confucian and dynastic and left many lavish memorials to themselves. The tombs are built on one hillside, and legend has it that the king sent one of his courtiers to pick the site. Second-guessing his underling, he then climbed the opposite hill. He gave instructions that if the chosen site did not please him he would wave his white handkerchief. On this signal, the courtier was to be slain. The king actually found that the site was ideal. But it was a warm day and he forgetfully mopped his brow with the white handkerchief. On coming downhill he was confronted with the courtier's fresh cadaver and exclaimed, 'Oh dear.' And ever since, my escorts told me, the opposite peak has been known as 'Oh Dear Hill.' I thought this was a perfect illustration of the caprice and cruelty of absolute leadership, and began to phrase a little pun about Kim Jong Il being the 'Oh Dear Leader, ' but it died on my lips.

Christopher Hitchens